Catholic School Subsidy


St. Philip Neri annually sponsors children of active parishioners who enroll their children in a Catholic school in York County, SC or Mecklenburg County, NC. Sponsorships may be requested for children who are enrolled in any grade level from Kindergarten through the 12th grade. Each year, the Finance Council, under the mandates of the Parish’s Active and Participating Parishioner Policy, makes a determination on an individual basis. This decision allows the parishioner to qualify for the Catholic tuition rate and results in a subsidy being paid by the Parish directly to the school.


To qualify under St. Philip Neri’s Active and Participating Parishioner Policy, which ensures that both the Parish Administration and Finance Council are financially responsible to all contributing members of St. Philip Neri, the members of a family:


Must have been a registered parishioner for at least three months;

Support the Parish through regular faithful mass attendance; and

Make annual financial contributions of at least $1,000 by using envelopes or other readily identifiable contributions, or provide at least 100 aggregate hours of volunteer service per family per year, or some combination thereof. For two or more children enrolled in Catholic school, annual contributions of at least $1,500 are expected and the provision of 150 service hours per family, or some combination thereof.

The policy noted above demonstrates the Parish’s objective to be accountable to all parishioners, while also supporting those members who make a substantial sacrifice by sending their child or children to a Catholic school. To facilitate the church’s sponsorship, the Parishioner Application for Catholic School Subsidy must be completed and returned to the Parish Accountant by January 31st of each year. Forms must be submitted on an annual basis if an individual plans to enroll a child or children in a local Catholic school and list St. Philip Neri as the “home” Parish. Applications will be reviewed by the Finance Council after submission, with notifications regarding the requests made through the mail.


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