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A Note from Fr. John…..


Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Philip Neri Church,


Since the solemn dedication of our new sanctuary in May 2013, we have enjoyed celebrating our faith in a magnificent house of worship. As always, I sincerely appreciate the time, talents and treasures of many people who have contributed to building our parish community throughout the years.


Our generous parishioners, who have always displayed a strong heritage of accomplishment, were successful with our most recent campaign – Building Together in Faith – during the construction of our sanctuary. We must, however, now retire the mortgage debt the parish has incurred as a result of the new construction. In January 2014, we will undertake a Debt Reduction Campaign known as Continuing the Mission.


We ask that you become part of this important effort of Continuing the Mission, and please prayerfully consider making a financial pledge to the campaign. Thank you, in advance, for your unending charitable commitment to St. Philip Neri Church. May equal sacrifice, not equal giving, unite and enable us to Continue the Mission to which we have been called. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.


Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. John Giuliani


Please click on the following links for additional information about our Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign:


Campaign Goal


Information on Pledging


Ways to Give


Questions about Giving


A Final Word about Continuing the Mission


Additional Information


Campaign Goal


The goal of our Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign is to pay off the Parish’s mortgage that resulted from the new sanctuary’s construction as soon as possible.


St. Philip Neri celebrated the groundbreaking of our new sanctuary in May 2011, with the dedication celebrated in May 2013. The Building Together in Faith Capital Campaign, to which many parishioners generously contributed, enabled construction to take place. The funds raised from the Building Fund Capital Campaign were directly applied to construction costs.


The remaining balance of construction costs, which totaled approximately $3.0 million, was paid through the acquisition of a mortgage from the Diocese of Charleston. Due to Diocesan rules, St. Philip Neri was required to obtain the mortgage through the Diocese. Other rules mandated that: i) the mortgage term could be no longer than 10 years; and ii) the mortgage imposed a variable interest rate, with a minimum of 4.5%.


Again, the purpose of our Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign is to one day hold a mortgage-burning celebration after the mortgage is paid off. The mortgage payment, which currently totals approximately $31,500, must be paid on a monthly basis. The variable rate will reset every six months, a situation that may result in an ever-growing mortgage payment. Consequently, our goal of paying off the mortgage as soon as possible will enable the parish to avoid the detrimental impact that a rising interest rate will have upon our mortgage payment.


Please consider, a pledge of only $2.00 per day from every parish family would likely result in the achievement of our goal within only several years.


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Information on Pledging


The Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign, which will cover three years, will begin in January 2014.


Parishioners are asked to fill out a Pledge Card, which is available by clicking on the previous link or through the church. Information requested on the Pledge Card includes: contact information, the pledge amount, initial offering (if desired by parishioner), method of payment, and the interval of time during which payments will take place.

Pledges are payable over three years. At the donor’s discretion, pledges may be fulfilled in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual installments.

If a parishioner is employed by a company that matches gifts, Matching Gift information should be provided on the Pledge Card.

Pledges are not legally binding, but are a good-faith intention of a commitment to St. Philip Neri.

Pledges to the Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign should be considered as additional support for the church. Regular Sunday collections are still needed to ensure that day-to-day programs and services are maintained.

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Ways to Give


Parishioners may fulfill their pledges in several ways. For parishioners who use envelopes, monthly Debt Reduction envelopes will be included in the Offertory Envelope Packets that are mailed to parishioner homes on a regular basis. The Debt Reduction offertory will take place during the first weekend of every month.


Debt Reduction donations are also accepted through the following electronic means, all of which are further detailed on the Charitable Giving page within this website.


Online Bill Pay may be accomplished by a parishioner through the website of their financial institution.

Draft from Bank Account: This automatic debit method from either a checking or savings account may be set up through the parish accountant or via the “Online Giving” tab on the church website.

For an automatic debit arranged through the Parish Office, a parishioner must complete an authorization form (available on the back of the pledge card or the church website) and submit a blank voided check or savings deposit slip. Please note that if a current contributor has an automatic debit in place for the existing Building Together in Faith Capital Campaign, a new pledge card and authorization form must be completed for the Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign.

Parishioners who elect to arrange an automatic debit through the “Online Giving” tab on the church website will be redirected to Vanco Services, our provider that processes drafts from bank accounts. Parishioners are asked to follow the provided instructions.

Credit Card Payment: Pledges may also be fulfilled through a credit card. This method may also be accessed through the “Online Giving” tab. Parishioners will be redirected to Vanco Services, through which one may make payments via credit card.

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Questions about Giving


How much should we give to the Debt Reduction Campaign?


It is up to each individual or family to determine the amount of sacrifice that will be pledged. We are each called to make a sacrifice, not only for the present generation but for future generations as well. All parishioners are asked to prayerfully consider that financial support for the campaign is not about equal giving, but rather equal sacrifice. Finally, a pledge is a good-faith intention and a covenant made with God.


Why a three-year pledge?


Pledging over an extended period enables parishioners to make a more significant investment in the church than might otherwise be possible with a single, one-time donation. Members can also realize optimal tax savings by spreading their contributions over a three-year period.


Are my payments fully deductible?


As a general rule, donations toward your pledge are tax deductible in the year they are made. As always, tax questions should be answered by an individual’s accountant.


Why can’t the Sunday collection be used to pay off the mortgage?


The offertory gifts from the Sunday collection cover the operating expenses of our parish community, including, but not limited to, salaries, utilities, insurance, ministries and maintenance. Costs are increasing due to our growing parish, with little money left over to cover our sizable mortgage payment.


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A Final Word about Continuing the Mission


We are excited and optimistic about the future, and we invite each of you to Continue the Mission. We acknowledge your past gifts and generosity with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude, and look forward to your continued support.


Just as our forefathers and mothers sacrificed to make our church better, we are also called to do likewise for those who will follow. By building our beautiful sanctuary, and retiring the debt, we will leave future generations a clear sign of our commitment to them and to our faith.


Recognize that all you are and have are gifts from God and please respond appropriately by sharing your gifts in a loving and lasting way with those who seek to do God’s work. This is the essence of what it means to be a sound steward: to emulate the example and become a disciple of the ultimate steward – Jesus Christ.


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Additional Information


Additional information about the Debt Reduction Campaign is available from the:


Parish Office: 803.548.7282


Parish Accountant: 803.548.7282, Ext. 228


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