Liturgical Ministries


The celebration of the Eucharist is central to our faith community at St. Philip Neri, with this traditional practice enabling us to worship and live as faith-filled Catholics. The Liturgical Ministries offer parishioners the opportunity to fulfill a special role in Eucharistic celebrations during both the weekend Masses and other liturgical events. These roles, which may be either visible or behind-the-scenes, are extremely important to the reverent and orderly celebration of the Mass. Help is always needed, and we gratefully welcome parishioners to become involved and take part in the Liturgical Ministries that serve the St. Philip Neri community.



Altar Servers


This ministry, which is open to adults, as well as children that have made their First Holy Communion and completed the Third Grade, is directed toward those parishioners who desire to take part in the Holy Eucharist in a more intimate way. Servers must possess the maturity required to respectfully serve on the altar and assist the priest and deacon during Mass. Participants serve at the regular weekend Masses, as well as during special liturgies and functions held in the church. Orientation and training are provided, with attendance at one annual meeting required.


Contact:   Kimberly Hanlon |  803.627.0116  |


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Children’s Liturgy of the Word


This program, offered during the 11:30 a.m. Mass during the non-summer months, is designed for children who are at least four years of age through Grade Five. Children are separated into three classes: Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, First and Second Grades, and Third through the Fifth Grade. Children are guided from Mass at the Liturgy of the Word and returned during the Offertory. The Sunday Mass readings are presented from the children’s Lectionary at a reading level pertinent to the age group. Volunteers, with the aid of handouts, explain how the readings relate to the current Liturgy and the children’s everyday lives.


Contact:  Tina Hansen |   704-840-9335   |


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Eucharistic Ministers


This ministry is open to any devout, practicing Catholic parishioner who is in full communion with the Catholic Church and has received the Sacraments of Baptism, the Eucharist and Confirmation. They must be at least 16 years of age, be knowledgeable about the mystery of the Eucharist and reverent of the duty and privilege they are performing. Members of this ministry, who assist the priest in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at the Mass of their choice, also assist the priest by taking Holy Communion to parishioners who are homebound, in nursing homes or in hospitals. Attendance at orientation and training is required.


Contact:  Christine Charlonis  |  704.904.1954  |


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The members of this ministry, who help to create a warm and welcoming environment before and after Masses, greet attendees while they enter and exit the church. They assist in the distribution and collection of the Mass books, and distribute the bulletins before and after Mass. When needed, Greeters answer questions from visitors or new parishioners, or direct them to those who can be of assistance. The Greeters also carry the gifts to the altar during Mass.  A Greeter Schedule is distributed regularly, with participants scheduled for a particular Mass based on the individual’s preference. Greeters typically serve no more than once per month.  This ministry welcomes both couples and individuals.


Contact:  Jackie Johnson  |  704.817.7636


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Lectors reverently assist in an important part of the Mass, as they proclaim the Word of God during the first two Scripture Readings. Additionally, they also set a prayerful tone when leading the Prayers of the Faithful. This ministry is open to any adult or youth interested in, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, proclaiming God’s word with reverence and effective communication during the liturgy. Lectors must feel comfortable speaking in front of the congregation, have a clear voice, and be articulate in their speech and pronunciations. Orientation and training is required.


Contact:  James Hanlon  |  803-548-8481  |


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Music Ministry


All parishioners are invited to share their time and musical talent by taking part in the varied music ministries offered in our Parish. In addition to choir opportunities, options are available for instrumentalists, both students and adults, with pianists/organists also needed occasionally to substitute for regular participants. Other ensembles may form during the year. Announcements will be published in the bulletin as necessary. Please contact the Director of Music Ministry for additional information on Cantors, the Parish Choir, the Children’s Choir, the Consolation Choir, Brass Ensemble and Soloists, Instrumentalists (wind and string players), and the Hand Chime Choir. Information on LifeNotes is also available from a separate contact.


Director of Music Ministry:  Linda Liberty  |  803.548.7282 Ext. 245  |


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Nursery During Sunday Mass


The nursery is provided during the Sunday Masses celebrated at both 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. This ministry, which is offered in two classrooms positioned on the left side (as one is facing the altar) of the Parish Center, is offered for both parishioners and visitors. Two age groups are available, with one nursery offered for children between the ages of nine months and two years, and the second nursery for children that are three or four years old. After the initial registration, a cooperative schedule is sent to all parents of participating families.


Contact:  Carrie Seekings  |  803.802.1619  |


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Purificator Cloths


Purificator Cloths are the towels used by the priest during the Consecration of the Eucharist and by the Eucharistic Ministers and priest during the distribution of the Precious Blood. Volunteers are asked to take responsibility for washing the cloths for a one-month period. Instructions will be provided.


Contact:  Catherine Johannesmeyer  | 803.493.3246  |


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This ministry, which enables an orderly celebration of the Mass, is open to all adults who are interested in executing several important, behind-the-scenes works before and after the Holy Eucharistic celebration. Responsibilities include preparing the altar and credence table before Mass and gathering the vessels necessary for the sacrifice of the Mass. After Mass, sacristans are responsible for cleaning the sacred vessels and utensils that come in direct contact with the Blessed Sacrament and putting all items away in their proper place. Volunteers, which will be scheduled at the Mass of their choice, are not asked to serve every week but will be added into the existing rotation.


Contact:  Lucy Aspiras  |  803.548.7283  |


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Sound & Video System


Sound technicians operate the soundboard and video systems during the Mass of their choice. These systems enable the choir, lectors and presider to be heard clearly by all attending the Eucharistic celebration. Training and orientation are required, with technicians scheduled on a rotating basis approximately once every three to four weeks.


Contact:  Lee Kinloch |  803.548.7282  |


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The volunteers of this ministry, which is open to any interested adult member of our Parish, provide assistance to the congregation when necessary during the celebration of the Mass. Ushers seat attendees as necessary, assist with offertory collections, count attendance and direct traffic flow during Holy Communion. In addition, they provide other services that may be required to maintain order throughout the Mass.


Contact:  Joyce Crabtree  | 803.547.3277  |



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