Online Giving



Parishioners who are familiar with Online Giving directly through Vanco Services may access the payment page by clicking on the provided link. For those new to Online Giving, please review the provided details.


Payments Initiated by Donors


Through Online Giving initiated by donors, contributions may be fulfilled through the parishioner’s checking account, savings account or a credit/debit card. The link provided above redirects a parishioner to “,” a secure payment page that has been set up by Vanco Services for exclusive use by St. Philip Neri contributors. At any time, participants may set up an automatic donation plan, make changes to automatic deductions that have already been scheduled, or make a one-time donation. An online donation history may also be accessed provided that a contributor has set up a personal profile when first signing onto the website. Recurring donations may also be terminated through this payment page. This “” payment page is user friendly, with few steps necessary to make contributions online.


One-time Payment: After clicking on the link, parishioners may make a one-time payment. No profile is required, with an individual simply entering his or her name, address, payment method, payment amount and other information into the required fields. Donations may be made separately to the Regular Collection, Capital Campaign, Debt Reduction and/or the Second Collection.

Once the Process button is clicked, the donation will be submitted and authorization granted to St. Philip Neri to access the donation. The contributed amount will be obtained from the designated account at the requested time through an electronics transfer payment. A printer-friendly confirmation page is then provided, with an email confirmation also available upon request.

Recurring Payments: Recurring payments may also be made, with contributors setting up donations to occur automatically on a regularly scheduled basis. On the first visit to St. Philip Neri’s payment page, an individual should create a password-protected profile by entering his or her name, address, payment method and other required information before setting up a recurring transaction. The frequency of payments, and the collection (Regular Collection, Capital Campaign, Debt Reduction and the Second Collection) for which the donation is being made must also be chosen

When setting up Recurring Payments, parishioners are asked to, if possible, limit the number of transactions that are planned in any given month. This not only minimizes fees, but also increases the Parish’s operational efficiencies. These efficiencies may also be improved by scheduling payments on the 1st or 15th of a month, or on a Monday, instead of on another day of the week.


On future visits to the payment page after logging in, contributors may change or stop a recurring donation, make a payment at any time, access payment history, and view and print online donations. These actions may be accomplished without the need to re-enter personal profile data.


Please note that in the event a recurring weekly transaction is set up for the Second Collection, such amounts are credited to the Capital Campaign if no other specified Second Collection is scheduled that particular week.


Payments Initiated by St. Philip Neri


The second method of Online Giving enables parishioners to grant permission to St. Philip Neri to automatically receive contributions from either their checking or savings account. This method is also processed by Vanco Services, a trusted industry leader with over 20 years of experience that specializes in electronic payment solutions.


Enrollment may take place at any time, with contributions for the Regular Collection, the Continuing the Mission Debt Reduction Campaign, and/or the Second Collection then automatically transferred to the church’s bank account. The parishioner, through completion of the Authorization Form, is able to make contributions in the amount of their choosing with the timing and frequency also processed according to the parishioner’s instructions. As noted, contributions may originate from either:


A parishioner’s checking account (voided check must be provided to the Parish); or

A parishioner’s savings account (parishioner must contact their financial institution for the bank’s routing number).

Once enrolled by St. Philip Neri’s accountant in the Direct Debit Giving program according to the details provided on the Authorization Form, parishioners may make changes to the amount, day of transaction, and their bank information at any time by resubmitting another Authorization Form with the updated information. They may also discontinue the direct debits at any time by completing the same form. Authorization Forms, which should be returned to the Parish to the attention of the Parish Accountant, are also available in the Gathering Area or the Parish Office.

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