Other Information about Charitable Giving


Offertory Envelopes


Parishioners are also welcome to contribute through offertory envelopes. For new parishioners, a packet of temporary offertory envelopes for weekly contributions will be mailed once the new parishioner registration form is received. Envelopes printed with the parishioner’s name and address will be mailed at some point between one and three months after registration, depending upon the time of registration in relationship to the standard envelope mailing schedule.


Children’s Collection Envelopes


Children are also asked to take part in the offertory, with boxes of Children’s Collection Envelopes available in the Faith Formation office. Donations through these envelopes enable children to learn, from an early age, the importance of sacrificial giving and its support of the church. Please direct questions to the Faith Formation office at 803.548.7282 (Extension 226)


Annual Contribution Statements


By late January of every year, tax statements will be mailed to those registered parishioners who have had a cumulative donation total of over $250 during the previous year. If you do not receive a statement by that time of year, contact the Parish Accountant at spnacct@comporium.net. A statement may also be requested through the same email address by registered parishioners that have not made cumulative contributions over $250, or by unregistered donors who made identifiable gifts. Statements may be requested at any time.



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