Parish Columbariums


Two Columbariums are located on the grounds of St. Philip Neri Parish.  The older Columbarium at St. Philip Neri is positioned near the prayer garden on the Parish grounds. The mostly recently constructed Columbarium, which is located to the right of the sanctuary, opened when the sanctuary was dedicated in May 2013. The Columbariums, which are freestanding structures made up of numerous small niches, are designed to hold urns that contain cremated remains, or “cremains.” Generally, each compartment holds the cremation urn of a single individual, although some columbarium compartments have been designed to hold two urns.


A growing number of families have chosen to have their loved one’s cremains interred in our reverential Columbariums. The housing of a loved one’s cremains provides families with a place of remembrance where they can honor and mourn their dearly departed family member in our memorial gardens.


The Diocese of Charleston has set forth the Columbarium License Agreement, under which the Parish issues one license per niche in the Columbarium. The license provides no property right of any kind, but extends solely to the privilege of interment of the cremated remains of eligible persons. Eligible persons, per the Diocese’s Columbarium Rules and Regulations are registered members of the Parish, together with their immediate families (including non-Catholic spouses). Registered members of other Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Charleston, together with their immediate families (including non-Catholic spouses) are also considered eligible persons under the rules.


The Columbariums are intended for the interment of the cremated remains of Catholics who are entitled to Christian burial according to the rules and disciplines of the Roman Catholic Church and the regulations of the Bishop. The Columbariums may also be used for non-Catholic spouses of such Catholics.


To arrange the acquisition of a niche in the Columbariums, several steps must be fulfilled:


The Columbarium Rules and Regulations, as provided by the Diocese of Charleston, should be reviewed and understood prior to making arrangements.

The Columbarium License Agreement must be completed and returned to the Parish Office.

The document entitled St. Philip Neri Columbarium Information Form must be completed and returned to the Parish Office. A deposit must also be included with the form.

Cost of Columbariums


Currently, the cost of interment in the Columbarium, which does not include the fees associated with the funeral Mass, is as follows:


Columbarium Near Prayer Garden

Single Niche: 7.5” x 8” x 11” Double Niche: 8” x 8.5” x 15”

$1,000 – Niche Only $2,000 – Niche Only

$1,400 – Niche, Urn and Plaque $2,800 – Niche, Urn and Plaque

Columbarium Near Sanctuary

(Costs include Niche, Urn & Plaque)

Standard (Two Urn capacity)  Large (Three Urn Capacity)

$2,500 – Single Urn Placement  $3,500 – Single Urn Placement

$3,500 – Double Urn Placement  $4,500 – Double Urn Placement

 $5,500 – Triple Urn Placement

Columbarium Brochure


Additional information on the Columbariums may be obtained from the following brochure:


St. Philip Neri Columbarium Brochure




Arrangements for the interment of cremated remains, which must take place through the Parish Office and the Pastor, should be made sufficiently in advance of the interment to permit the verification of records. No interment of cremated remains may take place without the permission of the Pastor. Please contact the Parish Office for additional details.


Parish Administrative Assistant:

Maria Cordova | 803.548.7282  Ext. 225 |


Cremation Guidelines


The Office of Divine Worship and the Sacraments of the Diocese of Charleston ( has provided the following information regarding cremation.


Catholic Diocese of Charleston

Office of Divine Worship and the Sacraments

Guidelines for Cremation


Until the 1960s, the Catholic Church did not permit its members to be cremated. This prohibition was primarily based upon the Church’s tradition of respect for the human body, which, as Saint Paul records in 1 Corinthians 6:19, is “a temple of the Holy Spirit.” For this reason, the funeral ritual’s introduction makes the point that the human body has been made a temple by the Sacraments it has received through Christ. “Since in Baptism the body was marked with the seal of the Trinity and became the Temple of the Holy Spirit, Christians respect and honor the bodies of the dead and the places where they rest” (Ordo Exsequiarum 19). The body is further made holy through the Sacraments of Holy Communion, through which it is nourished by Christ, the Bread of life, and Confirmation, through which the seal of the Holy Spirit is imprinted on the individual.


For these reasons, it is the preference of the Church that, even in cases in which cremation is to take place, the body of the deceased be present for the funeral Mass. It is preferred that cremation take place subsequent to the funeral Liturgy, with the remains being properly interred thereafter. Cremated remains are never to be scattered as mere rubbish. As the body is a sacred temple, so also the remains of the individual washed, nourished, and sealed through the Sacraments, are sacred.


Nevertheless, in some cases, it is not possible for the body of an individual to be present for the funeral Mass, and in extenuating circumstances, a funeral Mass is permitted in the presence of cremated remains, or cremains. This decision should not be made lightly. The decision for cremation should not be inspired by motives contrary to Christian teaching. Thus financial concerns should not normally dictate choosing the option for cremation.



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