As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another

as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”


1 Peter 4:10


Stewardship is based on the spiritual principles of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus that tell us that God is the creator, owner, and giver of all things. To be a good steward, one must recognize that everything we have is a gift from God, with these gifts including our time, talent and treasure. As faith-filled Catholics, we must also realize that we have an obligation to gratefully accept, cherish, develop and use these God-given resources in a responsible manner. Stewardship is a way in which we are able to express thanksgiving for our blessings by returning them back to God through the use of our time, talent and financial resources. Stewardship is based on the individual’s need to give, not on the church’s need to receive. It is a way of life – and a lifelong journey.


We do all of this, not to simply care for the poor, help the church, or grant our service to whomever would be served by our generosity, but to also reap the important benefit of strengthening our souls and faith when we live our lives as good stewards. Through our recognition of, and gratitude for what we have been given, we build and deepen our own relationship with God and with one another, thus enriching our lives. Living the life of a Christian steward is challenging, and, at times, difficult, but it is a beautiful way to live.


Stewardship involves the intentional, planned and proportionate giving of our time, talent and treasure. Intentional means a deliberate and well thought out decision to live a Christian life in a certain way. Planned means that at the beginning of every year, each Catholic household plans and makes stewardship of time and talent a part of their lifestyle, and stewardship of treasure a part of its budget. Proportionate means a decision is made, based on one’s means and abilities, to give a certain percentage of time, talent and income to the church and other community charities.


The Giving of Our Time & Talents


Parishioners may take advantage of dozens of varied opportunities available at St. Philip Neri so as to become good stewards of their time and talents, both within the Parish and in the local community. Information on volunteer opportunities may be obtained from the sections of the website listed below. After consideration, parishioners are asked to contact the individual ministry and let them know of your interest and desire to become involved.


Volunteer Opportunities

Liturgical Ministries

Religious Education


Italian Festival

The Giving of Our Treasure


In recognizing our treasure, we ask that each family prayerfully consider their contributions and be as generous as their means permit. We realize that, due to circumstances beyond control, not every family has the wherewithal to make the same size gift. One can, however, make a sacrifice that is in proportion to the extent to which God has blessed our parishioners and their loved ones. All contributions are greatly appreciated. More information may be found under Charitable Giving.


Thanks to All


We ask parishioners to prayerfully discern and reflect on how much of their time, talent, and treasure they can commit to our Parish. The community of St. Philip Neri extends its thanks, and appreciates the sacrifices and efforts of our parishioners as they practice a stewardship way of life and carry out Christ’s mission.


The Stewardship Prayer


Lord God, You alone are the source of every good gift, of the vast array of our universe, and the mystery of each human life. We praise You and we thank You for your great power and your tender, faithful love.


Everything we are and everything we have is your gift. After having created us, You have given us into the keeping of your Son, Jesus Christ.


Fill our minds with His truth and our hearts with His love, that in His spirit we may be bonded together in a community of faith, a parish family, a caring people.


In the Name and Spirit of Jesus, we commit ourselves to be good stewards of the gifts entrusted to us, to share our time and talent and our material gifts as an outward sign of the treasure we hold in Jesus.



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